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Welcome to all you bright and beautiful people!! This forum is for positive, uplifting, energetic, encouraging, enabling, empowering, promotion of each person and all of creation, as individuals and as one. We're here to connect, make relationships and make a difference in lives. Our goal is to build communities throughout our planet that are based on respect and love for life. We think history has taught us a few things about what creates cults and fear and depression and we'd like to discuss ways to improve our lives that don't create yet another dependency or addiction. We'll be talking spirituality and community rather than religion and politics. We'll also be eagerly sharing all of our latest breakthroughs in our journey that have brought us greater freedom and sovereignity. Let's take our creative energy and make a Space of Love right here on this synthetic space. Come out of our heads and allow our hearts to truly connect with one another. Together we can create a beautiful space that will be so compelling it will fill the world. Goodness prevails and heals all wounds. We know the world is going through some awesome transformations and we're taking up our surf boards and enjoying the ride! Please join us if you're game! PS - This is a family board. Please speak as if your Grandma is in here. :-)
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